How Can Pet Therapy Help in Addiction Treatment?

pet therapy

I think we can all agree, humans don’t deserve the love we get from animals. There is nothing on this world that is purer than the bond between animals and people. Most people only really use social media to watchdog videos these days (or is that just me?) and we are constantly bombarded with the beautiful stories of therapy pets, people saving animals, and animals saving people. No matter how

Signs of Panic Disorders

panic attack

Everyone can become worried, or scared, or experience unpleasant emotions, but not everyone has a panic disorder. Worry and fear are parts of everyday life but when they become every part of your life – you have a problem. It can sometimes to be difficult to recognize the difference between a diagnosable panic disorder, and someone who just ‘freaks out’ a lot, but there are discernible differences that are important

How Do You Get Delirium Tremens?

alcoholic man

If there is one drug that is considered the most dangerous to detox from, it is alcohol. Just about everyone is familiar with the “shakes” and the “DT’s” but what exactly are the differences between them, and what distinguishes Delirium Tremens from “wet brain”? As a matter of fact, just how does one go about getting Delirium Tremens in the first place? Well obviously, the answer is abusing alcohol, but

Most Common Stimulants That are Abused

crystal meth drug

Since the dawn of their creation, stimulants have been viewed as somewhat of a “Wonder Drug” in the United States. They are intended to help you focus, give you energy, keep kids in line, and to help aid in the battle for America’s obsession with weight gain. However, there is a darker underbelly to the world of stimulant drugs, and while yes, they were once known as “mommy’s little helpers”

What to Expect Detoxing from Depressants

depressed woman

More often called downers or benzos, depressants are some of the most commonly abused prescription medications on the market. Typically, users will use them alone, or in conjunction with stimulants, alcohol, opiates, and even hallucinogens. What usually starts with a simple doctors prescription or a pill given by a friend, can easily lead down the road of addiction. With depressants, the withdrawal process can be perilous, and even sometimes deadly.

Can Increasing Access to Naloxone Save More Lives?


Naloxone, otherwise known as Narcan, has become something of a wonder drug over the last five years and has single-handedly saved thousands if not hundreds of thousands of lives during the current opioid epidemic in America. So why has it been so difficult for people to get their hands on? First of all, what is Naloxone? Naloxone, or Narcan, is an opiate antagonist. It is a medication designed to reverse

Why Do People Become Addicted to Adderall and Vyvanse?


It’s no secret that Adderall is and Vyvanse have become some of America’s favorite drugs. It’s given to kids who have too much energy, and it is taken by students across the country to GIVE them energy and focus. It was hailed as a wonder drug for children during the explosion of ADHD diagnosis since the late 90’s, and it has been passed out like candy since then. So why

California to Start Distributing Strips that Test Drugs for Fentanyl

syringe and spoon

In response to the continual rates of overdose deaths among the state, California will now be distributing test strips for the fatal drug Fentanyl starting this month. Every year, thousands of people are dying from overdose due to this deadly drug, and the main problem is that most of these people are completely unaware that they are even doing the drug. Fentanyl has become so widespread as a cutting agent

30 More California Counties Are Suing Drug Makers For Opioid Epidemic

Opioid Epidemic

It appears that most states have pretty much had it with the Opioid Industry. California just hit a record amount of lawsuits with over 30 counties joining in to press charges against Big Pharma and their dirty doings. To many, the culprit has been clear for a long time, however, it seems that as of late, state legislation is finally getting around to doing something about it. The 30 counties

What To Expect at Our Residential Stabilization Program

Residential Stabilization Program

Getting clean and sober can be a pretty scary time for some people, especially if it is the first time they are making the attempt. More often than not, a person is sent away from home, to a hospital like facility where they don’t know anyone, don’t know the area, and don’t know if they can make it without drugs or alcohol. The Residential Stabilization Program at Restore Detox changes