What are Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms and How to Treat Them

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Recovery from substance abuse addiction can often be a long process, which is why many people continue to use. It is not an easy fact to swallow, but despite the process, sobriety and the withdrawal process will always a better option. One of the most common concerns from people who wish to stop using drugs is the initial withdrawal process. Everyone is familiar with the most common symptoms of migraines,

How Do you Get Addicted to Methadone if it’s Supposed to Help You?

For decades, people have been using Methadone as a treatment for heroin addiction. However, is it really the best option? It has been shown that methadone is highly addictive, and the withdrawal process can be far worse. So how can someone get addicted to something that is supposed to help them? This same question can be posed for a plethora of other prescription medications, such as painkillers, benzodiazepines, stimulants, and

Two Federal Prosecutors Appointed to Fight Opioid Crisis in San Diego

In response to the announcement of the opioid epidemic in the United States, U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions has besieged each state to appoint an attorney to the opioid coordinator role. In the wake of the opioid crisis in San Diego, they have assigned two. By using criminal and civil law in the battle against San Diego’s opioid crisis, Assistant U.S. Attorney Linda Frakes, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Dylan Aste plan

What is SMART Recovery?

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Every person that suffers from addiction is unique. Most people can admit that, while they could not control their drug or alcohol use, the real problem was learning to control their emotions, and how they reacted to life. SMART Recovery is a program of action that is geared towards empowering people of all shapes, sizes, creeds, and backgrounds, to learn to live an addiction-free life. The Power of Choice SMART

Types of Anxiety and Panic Disorders

In recent years, the United States has really started to understand and be able to identify different types of mental and mood disorders. The appreciation for the severity of these mental disorders has to lead to an increased recovery rate for those people who suffer from them. One example is the understanding and diagnosis of both anxiety and panic disorders. In the past, people who suffered from anxiety and panic

What you Will Experience with Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome

Have you ever wondered why, even after some sober time, you still have a hard time feeling comfortable at life? It could feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster, or like you can never really remember stuff, or you can just feel really clumsy. For a lot of us, getting sober doesn’t mean that we are going to be right as rain as soon as we get out of

NYC Now Suing Big Pharma for $500 million over Opioid Deaths

In an effort to cover the losses from the combating the opioid crisis, New York City has taken initiative to file a $500 lawsuit against Big Pharma and prescription opioid manufacturers. At this point, it is pretty obvious that addicts, parents, and moral groundings aren’t to blame, as Big Pharma keeps pumping out prescription opioids and benzodiazepines to the masses, despite the overwhelming number of overdose deaths. The Record So

Detoxing from Crack Cocaine

Are you or a loved one addicted to crack cocaine? Have you found that trying to get clean on your own isn’t working? Detoxing from crack cocaine, while being an overall gentle process PHYSICALLY, has been shown to be one of the most difficult detoxes when it comes to mental side effects. This is why it is especially recommended for those who are detoxing from crack to do so in

Are Low Alcohol Taxes Adding to the Alcoholism Problem?

In a very strange study, some experts are pointing to a low excise tax on alcohol being part of the problem with the countries rates of alcoholism. Could adding a few more cents per drink really help people stop drinking? The Excise Tax Throughout the United States, an excise tax is the most common form of taxation on most beer, wine, and spirits. However, a study released by the Journal

How Bad is the California Opioid Crisis

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“We prescribe enough opioids every year to kill every Californian more than twice” – Dr. Kelly Pfeifer, California HealthCare Foundation in Oakland California With overdose deaths continuing to soar, a group of law enforcement agents, treatment providers, public policy makers, and physicians gathered in San Diego to discuss and address the opioid crisis in California this last November. National Public Health Emergency In early November of this past year, President