10 Spirituality Books for Beginners

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Books are powerful tools used to convey the emotions of the author to their readers. Literature is one of the oldest human art forms. Books can inspire us, entertain us, and motivate us to make changes in our lives. When it comes to recovery, we’re constantly looking for the next thing to help us on our journey. Since recovery calls for us to maintain a level of spirituality, we may

How to Survive the Emotional Rollercoaster in Early Sobriety

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Early sobriety is arguably the most difficult time in an addict’s life, even more so than active addiction. While yes, you are sober and actively working on improving the state of your life, it doesn’t exempt you from the emotional rollercoaster ride that is early recovery. With feelings coming flooding back, legal ramifications, and basically starting life from scratch, it can be overwhelming at the very least. Getting Your Bearings

Getting Addicted to Drugs That Help Nerve Pain

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In the world of recovery and addiction treatment, a new and disturbing trend has been cropping up among newly recovering addicts. Addiction to drugs that help nerve pain has become more prevalent than ever in the recovery community. While this may sound completely counterintuitive, the source of this newfound addiction is even more insidious than you may think. What Are Drugs that Help Nerve Pain? Traditionally, opiates have been used

Ohio Sheriff Refuses to Carry Narcan

narcan dispensary

Recently, an Ohio Sheriff rocked the country with a bold and brash policy: his police force will not administer the life-saving drug Narcan to overdosing addicts. Sheriff Richard K. Jones of Butler County, Ohio, defends this policy by simply stating, “I’m not the one that decides if people live or die. They decide that when they stick that needle in their arm.” What is Narcan? To get a little background

Where to Start with Positive Affirmations and Mantras

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Learning to love yourself can be a difficult journey for some people. Addicts, in particular, seem to struggle on this front more than other people. After years of self-abuse through using drugs and alcohol, it can be very challenging to start loving yourself. One particularly useful tool in self-love is implementing positive affirmations and mantras. It may seem weird or foreign at first, but over time, they can really transform

10 Styles of Meditation to Get You Started

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No matter who you are, in recovery or not, young or old, man or woman, odds are, you deal with stress. It’s also likely you deal with it on a pretty regular basis. The level and extent to which you deal with it may vary from person to person, but nevertheless, stress is a part of life. A great way to manage stress and live a healthier lifestyle is by

The 4 Stages of Alcoholism

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According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, approximately 18 million Americans have been diagnosed with alcohol disorders. The troubling part of this information is that many of these people are actually unaware that they even have any sort of problem. Alcohol abuse is a disorder that is gradual, not something that happens instantly, and in our society, frequent and heavy drinking is some sort of right of

Putting Yourself First: 5 Ways to Set Boundaries with Fellow Addicts

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Being in recovery has taught me a lot. Before entering into recovery, I was still a child, unable to take care of myself spiritually, mentally, or physically. As a result of strenuous work on myself, I’ve been able to grow up in the program. However, one area that I have always struggled and still find myself falling short in is setting boundaries. This is especially true when it comes to

What Happens to the Body When You Mix Alcohol and Cocaine

alcohol and cocaine

One night you go out with some friends and you are having a couple drinks, one of your friends really likes to party hard and offers you some cocaine. What do you do? You already have alcohol in your system, should you mix alcohol and cocaine? What will happen? Never, not ever do you mix alcohol and cocaine. Alcohol and cocaine on their own can be lethal, but try imagining

The Most Common Drug Paraphernalia

drug paraphernalia

What exactly is drug paraphernalia? Where can it be found? What is it used for? Is it illegal? If you have asked yourself any of these questions then you are in the right place! Below we will go over some of the common information found when dealing with drug paraphernalia. By definition, drug paraphernalia is any equipment or materials used to take drugs (or in laymen’s terms anything that an