3 Benefits of Art Therapy in Treatment

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I’ve worked in the treatment industry for some time now, and one thing that I have noticed is how much raw talent there is among young adults that struggle with addiction. Throughout talent shows, notebook doodles, and the instruments that they can play, the general storyline is that these people used to love their craft, but lost their passion over time throughout their addiction. Art Therapy in treatment is a

San Diego County Jail Getting Inmates Off of Opioids to Curb Epidemic

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For many, the idea of opioid addictions in the prison system isn’t typically at the top of most people’s list of concerns. However, with the prison population continuing to rise, it has become a serious issue in many states. For this reason, the San Diego County jail has opted to discontinue using opioids as a method for pain relief for their inmates. Drugs in Jail It is no secret that

Opioid Prescriptions Declined by 12% as Guidelines Changed

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In an attempt to curb the massive amounts of opioid prescriptions filled annually, new guidelines and health management techniques have been put in place, and have started to show real results. It is no secret that one of the major topics of change since last year’s announcement of the opioid crisis being a national health emergency was to reduce overprescription and increase safe prescribing practices. That being said, the change

What Substances are Fatal to Detox From

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While there is no doubt that the dependence and addiction upon any substance or chemical can be dangerous and often extremely uncomfortable to detox from, there are only a few that are considered to be actually life-threatening or fatal substances. It is no secret that overall, the process of detoxing from drugs and alcohol is not a pleasant one. This is the most common reason as to why most people

4 Reasons Why You Should go to a Sober Living Home

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A lot of people feel pretty uneasy about the whole, go to treatment, move somewhere else, live with random people in a sober living home, plan. Understandable, however, if the experience is worth anything, it goes to show that for most people who are real alcoholics or addicts, the benefits of sober living massively outweigh the downsides. For anyone who has tried to control or stop their use on their

Benefits of Pet Therapy in Treatment

There is nothing purer in this world than the bond between animals and people. The internet and media are constantly flooded with adorable stories and videos of dogs caring for humans, and humans going to great lengths to save animals. It is a beautiful relationship that has been forged since we first learned to walk upright. Despite our emotional struggles, how poor we feel about our work performance, our fights

Can the Death Penalty Really be Imposed on Drug Dealers?

It’s no secret that in order to conquer the opioid epidemic, the United States will need to take a multi-faceted approach to pretty much every corner of the legal system. So far, the White House and legislators have started to investigate health care reform, the mailing system, import trading, the prison systems, insurance companies, child care, and now… the death penalty? Without a doubt, probably the best thing to come

What You’ll Learn from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

One of the biggest hurdles for people overcoming addictions and mental disorders is learning to manage through uncomfortable emotional states. Fortunately, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, or, DBT,  was designed to help with just that. For many people who struggle with unhealthy behavioral patterns, these behaviors have been cultivated over a long period of time through a process of reinforcement and rewards. While many people are aware that unhealthy behaviors do not

What are Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms and How to Treat Them

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Recovery from substance abuse addiction can often be a long process, which is why many people continue to use. It is not an easy fact to swallow, but despite the process, sobriety and the withdrawal process will always a better option. One of the most common concerns from people who wish to stop using drugs is the initial withdrawal process. Everyone is familiar with the most common symptoms of migraines,

How Do you Get Addicted to Methadone if it’s Supposed to Help You?

For decades, people have been using Methadone as a treatment for heroin addiction. However, is it really the best option? It has been shown that methadone is highly addictive, and the withdrawal process can be far worse. So how can someone get addicted to something that is supposed to help them? This same question can be posed for a plethora of other prescription medications, such as painkillers, benzodiazepines, stimulants, and