Suspected deaths due to heroin overdose in Coal City, Illinois

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A northern Illinois coroner issued an alert about dangerous drugs after a spate of deaths in a small city.

Grundy County Coroner John W. Callahan’s office along with Coal City Police Department is investigating the death Tuesday afternoon of a 60-year-old as a result of suspected heroin overdose.

“This is the third death in Coal City this past 10 days as a result of suspected heroin,” Callahan said in a press release Wednesday afternoon.

Callahan said he was called to a residence in Coal City for the death of Clarice R. Cummings of Coal City. There was evidence at the scene that supports the use of heroin and other pharmaceutical drugs, according to the coroner’s office.

“This is a deadly drug and Grundy County is no different from any other county. Through this news release and awareness programs, we hope to try and save the lives of others,” Callahan said in a press release.

Autopsy on Clarice was completed Wednesday with toxicology pending.

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