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  • Thank you for saving my life!
  • As someone who has visited many rehabilitation facilities, Restore has given the best and the most individualized options for recovery that I have ever experienced. I cannot forget to mention the compassionate and knowledgeable staff that I'm sad to leave.
  • Suggestions wise I only have one input and that would be to gather individual interest from each client as to their "off-campus" activity desires, then planning far enough in the future to have outings that fit their needs. I say this only because usually daily it was decided if and where we'd go limiting the amount of time we could spend there before nightfall. I am glad that the weekends incorporated a schedule similar to the weekday schedule with group therapy, academics, etc because the program isn't a vacation obviously, however, I did feel burned out at times mainly when my stress was high from personal life. It just would have been nice to have a known adventure in the upcoming day(s) to look forward to for an extended break. Comments wise, I couldn't have asked for any better of a facility to allow me to focus on getting sober. The staff without a doubt was definitely the main contributor to my success. They were very competent, knowledgeable and accommodating. The overall facility couldn't be nicer. Many times I thought if I was at a different facility, given the reviews I read or the photos I looked at prior to inquiring about them, I may have had a different outcome than I achieved with Restore. I say this because I thoroughly believe aesthetics and quality of the facility go a long way in your mind and mood for your treatment. Anyone looking for a facility that they will feel right at home with and able to be comfortable in, while learning a new way of life, that is the place to be. Thank you tremendously to each and everyone at Restore that has given me this opportunity for a positive life change.
  • Everybody was empathetic and it had a feeling of friendliness I didn`t expect. It felt closest to home as a treatment center could hope to be.
  • Excellent facility with great 1 on 1 personalized treatment
  • If you want sobriety, go to Restore the finest recovery treatment establishment.
  • Restore was one of the only places that I found true compassion and empathy. Dr. Lewis disarmed my fear/anxiety and truly tailor fit a program around my busy schedule. I'm very grateful that I came to Restore, my detox went much smoother than I anticipated. If you are lost as I was I highly recommend you give Restore a call and listen to what they have to say.
    Great experience every professional great choice for rehabilitation
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you
  • Fantastic staff!
  • All staff was amazing! Thank you for everything. My experience was nothing but positive. Thank you.

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