Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings San Diego

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings San Diego

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Alcohol use disorder is a common addiction that affects more than 10% of Americans. Recovering from alcohol addiction is a lifelong process. 

Peer support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) are an important part of post-treatment recovery.

What is an AA Meeting?

AA meetings are scheduled gatherings where people in recovery convene to support one another through their sobriety. 

While AA meetings follow the 12 Steps approach, the organization has no religious or political affiliation. Members can come from any background and hold any belief system.

The Difference Between an AA Group and an AA Meeting

The Alcoholics Anonymous organization has guidelines and criteria that distinguish an AA group from an AA meeting.

AA meetings are any gathering of people who meet with the purpose of supporting each other’s sobriety. An AA meeting can be launched by a single member. They can take place in any setting that offers the necessary privacy and space.

AA groups on the other hand are entities registered with the A.A. General Service Office. AA groups must have at least two members in order to register. AA groups also offer services and support beyond meeting hours. 

So while AA groups host AA meetings, not all AA meetings are led by AA groups.

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AA Meetings San Diego

There are numerous AA meetings in San Diego and the surrounding area. Find a list of  accessible locations.

In-Person AA Meetings in San Diego

Members can choose to attend AA meetings in San Diego in person. Open in-person meetings accept recovering alcoholics and individuals who wish to learn about alcoholism and recovery. 

Closed meetings only invite people actively managing alcohol use disorder. 

In-person meetings are usually limited to a certain number of attendees, usually between five and fifteen. Speaking is optional, but all attendees must follow group rules.

AA San Diego Online Meetings

AA meetings in San Diego can also take place online. Virtual meetings follow the same format as in-person sessions. Meetings may be open or closed. As there are no requirements to join an AA meeting, participants do not have to live in the area to join San Diego AA meetings.

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings Format: What Happens at AA Meetings?

AA meetings are usually organized in a standardized manner. However, members can choose which format they want to follow and what regulations they choose to enforce. 

Meetings may start with a reading from the Big Book of AA and a group discussion.

From there, members may be invited to share their experiences with sobriety and overcoming alcohol use disorder. In some meetings, only one member speaks.

Some meetings include an educational component focused on the 12 Step recovery model. Members may share their progress on their individual journeys. 

Meetings may end with a prayer. However, members with different religious beliefs do not need to participate.

What to Expect When Attending an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

AA meetings include a structured session followed by an informal period for socializing. Members can trade contact information or plan activities outside of the meeting.

Meetings usually take place in safe, accessible settings, such as churches or community centers. Online meetings are held on secure video conference platforms such as Zoom.

Meetings last between an hour to an hour and a half. 

Some meetings hold special sessions for first-time attendees. However, newcomers do not have to identify themselves or speak during the meeting.

The Benefits of AA Meetings

AA meetings are highly beneficial for individuals navigating recovery from alcohol dependency.

Attendees can access a social network that can help during difficult times. Members can support each other during emotionally difficult times, which can prevent relapse.

The 12 Step program can also help members learn new coping strategies that they can employ in their everyday lives to maintain their sobriety.

Who Should Go to AA Meetings in San Diego?

AA meetings are open to all recovering alcoholics who are committed to abstinence. Members must be actively pursuing sobriety.

Recovery is possible at all stages of alcoholism. However, since AA meetings do not offer professional treatment, members should have already completed a detox and treatment program.

People facing complex circumstances, such as domestic violence and alcoholism or co-occurring mental health problems may need more support than an AA group can provide.

Cost to Attend Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

All AA meetings are free to attend. Members can make voluntary donations.

How Restore Detox Centers Can Help

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FAQs About Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings San Diego

AA success rates vary between 25% and 75%. Around 25% of AA participants have maintained sobriety for more than 20 years.

Yes. AA meetings do not require appointments. The only requirement is that you are working towards sobriety.

There is no limit or mandatory minimum for AA meeting attendance. However, people in the early stages of recovery may benefit from meetings more frequently.

Yes! One of the biggest obstacles to sobriety is the normalization of alcohol consumption in social settings. This can make it very difficult for recovering alcoholics to make and keep friends. AA is a great place to meet other people who abstain from drinking. Sober friends are a crucial component of recovery.

It depends. AA is for people who are committed to abstinence and have undergone alcohol detoxification. 


People who are still consuming high volumes of alcohol may not be able to comply with AA’s abstinence rule without potentially risking their health. In this case, rehab would be an advisable first step. 

Searching for the phrase “alcohol detox near me” will display centers that offer in-patient treatment options for people who need medical and psychological interventions to stop drinking.