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Restore Detox Centers offers a safe and comfortable environment that is full of love and support, absent of judgment, guilt and shame. Our home is equipped with the latest technology in the industry, some of the best people in the business, and a level of luxury not found in other addiction treatment centers in San Diego. 


Alternative to Drug Rehab in Alaska

Drug addiction and abuse are something that a lot of people deal with.  Unfortunately, people who have an addiction refuse to seek help and get treatment.  

While it may seem daunting to travel for rehab, it can be very beneficial to get treatment from the environment you once abused substances.  

It’s understandable. Recovery begins with the choice of where to begin. It’s a big decision that needs to be carefully considered. 

For issues involving substance abuse and mental health, you must get the best care possible.

There is a good reason for traveling to get treatment, even if you consider a local rehab center. When you travel to a city far from your everyday life, like San Diego, you get a lot of benefits.

Where is San Diego? 

Located in Southern California, San Diego is home to beautiful beaches, gorgeous views, and fantastic nature escapes. 

San Diego County has plenty of nature escapes as well as city life.  Places like La Jolla have some of the best marine life, while Downtown San Diego offers fantastic live music. 

Individuals can also take advantage of the golf courses, participate in beach clean-ups, and more.

Not far from the coast is Julian.  There, individuals can enjoy the outdoors and eat at the world-famous Julian Pie Company.

San Diego has some of the best rehab centers like our in Poway, San Diego, when it comes to substance abuse treatment. 

Common Drugs Abused

Some of the main types of drugs for addiction treatment are opioids, heroin, and benzodiazepines.  

The fact that opioids caused more than 70 percent of California’s overdose deaths is alarming. Using it for an extended period of time stops the body from producing natural dopamine and endorphins, leaving you more dependent on it. 

Also known as narcotics, opioids include prescription drugs such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, fentanyl, tramadol, and even heroin. Opioids are frequently prescribed after surgery or severe injury to reduce pain but are abused. 

Over time, users become more resistant to the effects of heroin as their brain reward system is impacted. Individuals in this addictive state become dependent on heroin and use it to maintain their sense of normalcy. 

Eventually, the user must take higher doses to achieve the same “high” as before.

Detoxing from benzodiazepines is difficult. All of these drugs are used to treat anxiety disorders, and they all belong to the same group as Xanax, Klonopin, and Valium. 

Detoxing from these drugs can be dangerous because when an individual abruptly stops taking them, they risk having a seizure or other medical complications that could result in death.

Treatment Programs at Restore  

As an alternative to drug rehab in Alaska, we offer a variety of treatment programs for any circumstance and situation. 

Our primary treatment program is our residential treatment. Rehab facilities that offer residential treatment differ from outpatient rehab centers. 

Addiction treatment is usually available as outpatient treatment or residential rehab. Long-term sobriety is much more likely to occur with residential treatment.

Depending on the severity of an individual’s substance abuse, the length of time in rehab may differ. 

The typical residential treatment program lasts for 30 days. The length of time spent in the program can vary depending on the severity of an individual’s addiction. 

No matter what level of addiction you have, Restore Detox Centers is prepared to help.

Admissions and Cost

We understand the courage it takes to admit you need help and get treatment. We always have admissions specialists standing by, ready to help you. 

Each step of the admissions process is made as seamless and comfortable as possible by our trained and experienced admissions specialists. 

Having your safety, comfort, and care as the number one priority is why we offer a non-judgmental, welcoming environment. 

There are probably a lot of you who wonder how much treatment costs. And whether or not you can afford it. The good news is that we offer free insurance verification if you are not sure if your insurance plan would cover addiction treatment. 

Many treatment plans might cost over ten thousand dollars from specific centers. That can be intimidating and can deter people from getting the treatment that you need. 

Your health insurance can provide you with several options, and doing some verification research can make all the difference in the direction you decide to take the rest of your life. 

At Restore Detox Centers, we do everything in our power to give you the best opportunity for recovery.  If that means referring you to a treatment center that takes your health insurance plan, then we will.

Learn More About the Alternative to Drug Rehab in Alaska with Restore Detox Centers 

Although drug rehab in Alaska may seem convenient, you don’t have to sacrifice that convenience for quality. At Restore Detox Centers in San Diego, California, you will get high-quality care from our comprehensive staff while enjoying the luxury of getting treatment by the beach. 

There are many alternatives to drug rehab in Alaska.  Our facility will work with you to find a treatment program that works best for your unique situation.

Call us today to learn more about rehab in San Diego.