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Restore Detox Centers offers a safe and comfortable environment that is full of love and support, absent of judgment, guilt and shame. Our home is equipped with the latest technology in the industry, some of the best people in the business, and a level of luxury not found in other addiction treatment centers in San Diego. 


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How to Choose a San Diego Detox Center

Detoxing from drugs or alcohol is a difficult process, and by making the decision to find a detox center so you can do it safely, you’re making a great choice for your health.

Finding the right San Diego detox center for you is a big decision. This is the first step toward the rest of your life, so where are you going to start it? 

Whether you need alcohol or drug detox in San Diego, we’re here to help you make an informed decision about where to start your treatment. Keep reading to learn more.

Make Sure They Offer What You Need

Not all detox centers are alike. Some focus on certain types of substances in order to specialize while others offer a broad range of treatments to help as many people as possible.

When you’re looking for the right treatment center, make sure that they offer detox treatment for your substance of choice

It’s also a good idea to look into their specific treatment plans. All good detox centers should have professionals that work with patients in order to customize treatment plans. No one withdrawal process is the same, so it’s important that you know that you’ll have support regardless of your needs. 

Don’t be ashamed to ask for the services that you need. The best detox center knows that this is a struggle, and they’ll be happy to do everything that they can to get you sober and on the path to recovery.

Check Payment and Insurance Options

Getting medical detox shouldn’t be a financial burden. Finances are often one of the things that deter people suffering from addiction from seeking help. If that sounds familiar, make sure that you discuss payment and insurance options before making your decision. 

If you’re capable of self-pay, talk to the provider about what your payments and costs will be like. Many good detox centers also offer insurance options that have out-of-network benefits for people who need financial assistance.

Because drug abuse is a mental and physical health problem, many insurance companies that don’t outright state that they offer this kind of treatment coverage can still be verified by the treatment center.

Make Sure You Feel Comfortable

Comfort is key when you’re going through the detox process. Withdrawal is uncomfortable at best, dangerous at worst. You want to make sure that you’re in a facility that offers compassionate care and a comfortable environment so you can have a successful detox. 

Before you commit to a detox center, ask if you’re able to see the location and get details on the credentials of the people who will be working with you.

Also consider asking about the modernity of the treatment center as well as amenities that they offer, luxury services, and comfortable sleeping environments. You deserve to feel like you’ll be getting the best care. 

Do They Offer Medication-Assisted Detox?

Did you know that withdrawal can be deadly? While the side-effects of detox are better than the side-effects of substance abuse and addiction, you still need to be cautious. Having medical professionals and medication options on-hand makes the process safer and easier to handle. 

Here are a few common side-effects of withdrawal and the detox process:

  • Agitation
  • Anxiety
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Body aches
  • Aggression
  • Insomnia
  • Heartbeat irregularities
  • Intestinal problems

There are also side-effects that are less common, but more dangerous. While mild side-effects may be handled without medication, avoiding the dangerous side-effects requires medical observation. These include:

  • Severe illness
  • Violence
  • Psychosis
  • Self-Injury
  • Extreme pain (if the patient is detoxing from prescription painkillers)
  • Death

While death is uncommon during withdrawal, it’s not impossible. When professionals observe your detox, you’ll know that someone is nearby to help you avoid emergencies. 

Check for Post-Detox Care

Detox is the first step of substance abuse recovery. Does this detox center offer steps beyond that?

Part of this goes back to the issue of comfort. When you’re trying to recover from drug abuse, it’s important that you have consistency. A consistent and safe environment allows you to heal without interruptions.

When a detox center doesn’t also offer other forms of stabilization, that staggered recovery process could undo all of your hard work. What kinds of post-detox care does the treatment center offer? 

A good detox center should allow you to stay for monitored stabilization so you know that you’re ready to enter your next stage of care. This ensures that you’ll have less of a chance of relapse and an easier reintroduction to “normal life.”

Post-detox care is just as important as the detox process. 

Ask About Scientific Research

Is the process that this detox treatment center uses scientifically-backed? A good detox center uses science to help patients, not guesses or purely holistic aid. 

There’s a reason that professional detox centers do a pre-detox assessment and medical monitoring. These are things that we know work most effectively to treat patients based on research. 

You should be able to ask a treatment center why they do what they do and they should be happy to explain it. 

Do You Need a San Diego Detox Center? 

Finding the best San Diego detox center might be difficult, but putting in your research is key. It pays off when you find a comfortable and effective detox program that starts you on your path towards healing. 

With the right detox center, you can get your life back. 

Do you need drug or alcohol detox in San Diego? We’re here to support you. Contact us to get in touch with one of our compassionate care representatives to get started on your healing journey.