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Substance use disorder is a growing problem in the United States. Nearly 20 million Americans are grappling with addictions to illicit substances and alcohol.

There are many underlying causes of addiction. Trauma, genetics, and social factors all contribute to substance use and addiction disorders.

Peer support programs like Narcotics Anonymous (NA) provide a lifeline to individuals recovering from substance abuse and dependency.

What is an NA Meeting?

NA meetings are gatherings of individuals managing any type of substance addiction. The purpose of an NA meeting is to offer social support and resources to help recovering addicts remain sober. 

NA meetings may be open or closed. Open meetings invite anyone impacted by drug addiction to participate. However, only attendees in recovery may share their experiences with the group. Closed meetings limit attendance to people in recovery.

Many NA meetings are led by NA groups. These are more formalized organizations registered with NA World Services. NA groups offer support beyond the meeting setting.

How to Find a Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Group in San Diego

Narcotics Anonymous in San Diego meetings take place throughout diverse venues. Most NA meetings are arranged by peers, who want to establish a fellowship with others going through similar circumstances.

NA meeting schedules and locations are posted online.

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Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings in San Diego

In line with the principles of 12 Steps, Narcotics Anonymous in San Diego meetings are open to anyone in addiction recovery. There are no residential requirements or other criteria for participation. Participants can walk in at any time, provided they agree to follow the group rules. Here is a list of active Narcotics Anonymous in San Diego meetings.

In-Person Narcotics Anonymous Meetings in San Diego

NA in-person meetings are held in accessible locations and offer the opportunity to socialize and connect with other individuals in recovery. In-person meetings may take place once a week or once a month. 

Online Narcotics Anonymous Meetings in San Diego

NA meetings can also take place online on platforms such as Zoom. Virtual meetings follow the same format as in-person gatherings. Participants can choose to share their stories and connect with other members outside of the meeting.

NA Meeting Format: What Happens at Narcotics Anonymous Meetings?

NA meetings have a basic structure that can be adapted according to the needs of the group.

Members generally introduce themselves with the phrase, I am an addict.  The meeting may begin with a reading from 12-Step literature, such as Who is an Addict. Newcomer meetings may focus on the purpose of NA and how it operates.

Following this, members may take turns speaking to the group and sharing their stories. No one is obligated to participate, and members do not reveal any more information than they wish to. NA does not allow cross-talk. Each member gets up to 5 minutes to speak. Groups are kept small so that everyone who wants to participate has enough time.

Some meetings include break times where members can drink coffee, eat snacks, and get to know one another. It is common for members to share contact information and connect with one another outside of meetings. 

Meetings may include 12 Step traditions, such as a read-aloud of the 12th Tradition, which emphasizes anonymity and confidentiality. 

While there are some prayers and religious references in the literature, members do not need to practice any religion to participate.

What to Expect When Attending a Narcotics Anonymous Meeting

During a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in San Diego, you may be one of two or more people in the room. Every meeting offers coffee, beverages, and light snacks. Members may sit in a circle during the speaking portion.

Some sessions may review the 12 Steps towards sobriety written in the Big Book. Members may discuss their progress with the steps and how it is aiding their recovery. 

Anonymity is highly important. Members do not have to share identifying information. Participants are also expected to maintain confidentiality and respect the privacy of all other members.

The Benefits of Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous is beneficial for people dealing with addictions related to underlying circumstances, such as trauma or poor coping skills. 

Since NA is a “catch-all” for all substance addictions, the program focuses on what individuals can do to improve their circumstances and resist cravings. 

NA also follows a nonjudgmental approach. All members participate for the same reason, to seek and give support to maintain sobriety. 

As with other 12-Step-based recovery programs, NA is not affiliated with any organization, religion or political doctrine. This ensures that individuals from all walks of life feel welcomed and embraced in the NA network.

Who Should Go to NA Meetings in San Diego?

NA meetings are designed for people in the action or maintenance stages of addiction recovery. This means that attendees are either not actively using, or are determined to be sober.

Cost to Attend Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous doesn’t impose any fees or dues to attend meetings. However, since the program must be self-supported, past and present members can contribute voluntary donations.

How Restore Detox Centers Can Help

The compassionate staff at Restore Detox Centers are trained to provide addiction treatment and recovery services to individuals grappling with substance addiction. Our well-appointed facility in San Diego delivers treatment in inpatient and intensive outpatient settings. For more information about our drug treatment and rehabilitation programs, call us today.

FAQs About Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings in San Diego

Narcotics are a class of drugs used for pain relief. While many narcotics are legally available by prescription, their addictive qualities can lead to dependency and abuse. Narcotics Anonymous supports people managing all types of substance use disorders, including narcotics such as opioids and heroin.

However, as the program has a broad focus, meetings do not focus on the effects of any particular drug. People who have addictions to specific substances, such as alcohol or cocaine, may benefit from attending meetings targeted to those addictions.

It depends. NA does not have sobriety requirements to attend meetings. This is because the withdrawal phase can be difficult or dangerous depending on the substance.


The ability to attend NA meetings depends on several factors, including how long does it take to detox from narcotics and the impairment caused by the drug. 

For example, members under the influence may attend meetings, but may not be allowed to speak. Other groups may ask members who are actively using to attend meetings more frequently. However, drug use despite the desire to stop does not prevent anyone from attending NA meetings. 

There is no requirement for NA meetings. However, evidence suggests that people who are still actively using or in the early stages of recovery benefit from daily participation. 

While NA does not impose attendance requirements, some court systems order individuals charged with substance use-related crimes to attend NA. In this case, compulsory attendance may be a part of the individual’s parole conditions.

While NA is a wonderful complement to aftercare services, it cannot replace rehabilitation, one of the best detox places for drugs. There are several indications that an individual should attend rehab before starting with NA:

  • Drug use is continuous and interferes with their ability to carry out normal activities.
  • The person is experiencing acute withdrawal and requires medication to manage symptoms.
  • The individual requires intensive psychosocial therapy and support to move to the next stage of addiction recovery.