The Benefits of Finding Your Own Higher Power

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If you are like me, and millions of other recovering alcoholics and addicts, you are of the variety that struggled with finding a Higher Power. We hear that the only way to stay sober is to have one, but what the heck is it? According to any 12-step program, those of us who suffer from an addiction of any kind, are not actually victims of the substance we use. In

Clear-Cut Signs Someone You Love is Self-Medicating and Why

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In this day and age, we are constantly being bombarded by expectations. Those we set for ourselves, those that have been set by our families and loved ones, and those that we feel society places on us. It can be a pretty heavy load to bear sometimes. Not to mention, adding in any medical ailments we might come along on our journey through lives. That being said, it is pretty

6 Hilarious Comedians in Sobriety

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After the death of famous comedian and actor Robin Williams (God bless his beautiful, wonderful soul), there has been an increased understanding about the issue of mental health among actors and comedians. Also, over the last decade or so, it seems that many famous celebrities have become more open in discussing their issues with drug addiction and alcoholism. It is somewhat comforting to know that these people, whom we often

New Study Shows Unmet Treatment Needs for Mental Health and Substance Abuse


With the uprising of the opioid epidemic over the last few years, the need for substance abuse treatment has increased a hundredfold. Despite the urgent need for mental health and substance abuse treatment, many people are not receiving the adequate care needed. It turns out, after a study published by the National Institute of Drug Abuse, that some 7.7 million Americans suffer from a co-occurring mental health and substance abuse

What to Look for in a Good Halfway House

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We are on the verge of 2018 and what a time to be alive. Most of us are jaded to the fact that we live in a Jetson’s resemblant world where any and everything is possible. We have the power to answer any question in the world just by pulling a little piece of plastic from our pockets and mashing a few buttons with the tips of our fingers. Medicine

Hurdles You May Face Finding a Job in Early Sobriety

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There are lots of “firsts” in life that we all experience. There are your first steps, there are your first words, and there’s your first time you lose a tooth. We’re all born anew into this world and accumulate knowledge thru emotionally and intellectually curious experiences. Some firsts are the last while others are the beginning of many.   However, there is a beginning for everything in life, but only

New Fingerprint Test Can Detect Cocaine in Your System


Paper currency: we trade, negotiate, buy, and sell with it. It’s used in almost every aspect of life since everything comes with a price; literally in this case. There’s a form of it that can be found in nearly every first world country. Differing from region to region, the different types of dollar bills usually have intricate designs on them accompanied with numbers and the faces of people with important

CVS to Limit Opioid Prescriptions in an Effort to Fight Epidemic

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While living in today’s over paced world, too often are we taught temporary solutions to our bigger problems. If the pieces are breaking apart- throw duct tape on it. If the relationship is struggling- by your significant other a gift. If there’s a little bit of discomfort- take a pill. Our world today has seemingly at times evolved much too quickly for its own good. Modern medicine was not supposed

What Role Does Nutrition Play in the Detox Process?


Breathing heavily from smoking too many cancer sticks, fast food on a regular basis, and the last time we ran was maybe to the liquor store or from the cops. Any of this sound familiar? Good health is something that many strive for without having a particular goal in mind. Along the paths of life, we lose sight of that unstructured goal that never existed and we find ourselves uncomfortably

5 Signs Fear Is Running Your Life and How To Overcome It


Fear is a basic human emotion. Everyone experiences fear at least one point in their lives. But if you’re like me, or basically anyone else on the planet, it’s probably a lot more than once. While fear in and of itself is not inherently bad, after all, its primary purpose is to keep us alive by making us avoid dangerously or “scary situations”, it can be bad when you overindulge.